Our History!

SYAC CANADA Inc came into existence in 2003 .Through the extensive market and technological knowledge of it’s founding member Lawrence GW Culliford , current President, and SYAC Srl of Italy. Having experience in Aerospace, Information Technology and Industrial Integration, sales, marketing, management and technology transfer, as well as extensive relations with industry and companies world wide, SYAC CANADA is poised to act as a catalyst and market development partner, through associated companies and consultants. Lawrence Culliford now has 100% ownership and control of SYAC Canada Inc.

SYAC CANADA has entered into agreement either through the form of consulting, marketing, representative or joint venture agreements with companies in various technological sectors.

Technology strategic partner was Syac SpA of Italy.
Manufacturing partners like Groupe Hypertec in Montreal, Canada.
Maritime Canada distribution partnersl
IP technology partners like Unisight from Denver, CO and TTS from Montreal, QC, Canada

Casino markets with Progressive Casino Technologies of Las Vegas

Major activities are in security management solutions to deliver reliable and flexible integrated solutions based on innovative and open technologies, WiFi deployment and DSL technologies deployment.

SYAC CANADA has extensive experience in market development and a range of contacts and agents worldwide to assist in market penetration and product and technology diffusion. SYAC Canada also performs regular R&D to stay abreast of the ever changing technological world it operates in.

The Company has signed market development agreements for Canada and OEM arrangements world-wide and is identifying potential market development partners for all of Canada as well as other markets in the world.  These various agreements will provide different types of revenue streams to the Company including gross profit sharing arrangements, royalties, direct sales of systems and equipment.  For presentation purposes, these various revenue streams have been reduced to a common denominator, this being gross profit which the Company will be able to report.  Eventual gross revenue numbers could be significantly higher to the extent that the Company would engage in direct sales and manufacturing operations.  Management is of the opinion that there will be less variance from forecasts with a focus on the gross profit numbers.

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