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The SY-HUB is a wired panic button that is designed to be mounted on the wall of a room or under a counter. The SYAC SY-HUB should be mounted on a surface of the protected area.. It will be wired to an alarm system and indicate a panic situation has occurred. Priority dispatch can be programmed for this type of alarm condition.
Typical wiring : 22 gauge or better for 12VDC dry contact .
Typical voltage : 12/24 VDC


The SY-MAD is a wired passive infrared motion detector that is designed to be mounted on the ceiling of a room. The SYAC SY-MAD should be mounted on the ceiling in the center of the protected area, between 7’ and 13’ high, for optimal performance. A ceiling mounted motion detector helps minimize vandalism, especially when being used in a public place. Smaller and more streamlined than a smoke detector, the SY-MAD is an ideal choice to protect an interior space with minimal visual detraction.

The SYAC SY-MAD ceiling mount motion is best suited for rooms no larger than 30’ x 30’. If used in a space larger than that, such as a lobby, warehouse, vault, or any other larger area, it is recommended to use multiple motion detectors to achieve adequate protection. When mounted on a ceiling at 11 feet high, the SY-MAD has a 360 degree lookdown view that covers an area of 36 feet in diameter. For easy mounting, maintenance, and removal, the SYAC SY-MAD is equipped with a twist off front cover.

To assist with different sensitivity requirements, and to cut down on false alarms the SY-MAD motion detector is equipped with selectable pulse count which can easily be changed by installing or removing a jumper pin. The SY-MAD should not be installed in areas that may be prone to rapid temperature change, close to heating and cooling systems or in areas that expose the detector to direct sunlight. When mounting on the ceiling, ensure that the coverage pattern is largely unobstructed by large items, such as plants, curtains, screens, or large pieces of furniture. The passive infrared PIR technology requires that a moving person be in the direct field of view of the SY-MAD, we recommend you test the motion sensitive areas. The SYAC SY-MAD ceiling mount motion detector is the ideal solution for hardwired security systems that require motion sensors in a central location .


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